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Sliding Door Hardware
Perfect for Wood/ Solid or Glass Doors - Available in Multiple Finishes!

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Sliding Door Hardware:
Save space in your home and give it a clean, sleek look with these high-quality Sliding Hardware Sets, available to use with wood doors, solid doors, or glass doors. These unique hardware sets are the perfect addition to a closet opening, entryway, bathroom, kitchen, and much more! Sliding Door Hardware maximizes floor space as the doors don't swing out, but slide open along the wall. Make them a DIY project by constructing your own door and adding the hardware, or dig deep for an old barn door at someone's garage or estate sale for that antique look. The hardware sets have a smooth quiet operation and are made of durable materials, making them maintenance-free and sure to last a lifetime!

Barn Door Hardware: Add a rustic look to your home with functional barn door hardware sets, which make a grand statement in any room in your home. Made of durable stainless steel materials, the barn door hardware holds heavy doors on your wall while keeping your room looking beautiful and extraordinary. The sets support custom solid barn doors, wood barn doors, or glass barn doors, and come in dark bronze or matt steel finishes, ensuring they will match any existing decor.

Closet Door Hardware: Transform any closet area with these closet door hardware sets. Perfect for hiding the clutter of clothes and shoes in your bedroom, the hardware sets can also be used to cover the disorder of food cans, pasta boxes and other kitchen essentials in your kitchen, or Barbies, G.I. Joe's, and other toys in your child's playroom. Each set is able to accommodate large closet doors, and slide easily along tracks installed on the wall and floor of the room. The hardware sets help change the look of the room as they are hidden from view and fit most modern or traditional closet doors.

Entryway Hardware: Hide coats, scarves and boots from view with these hardware sets designed for use in any entryway in your home. The sets are versatile as they are equipped to be used with any door up to 220 pounds, and come in a couple finishes that will look great with any color already on the walls.

Room Divider/ Partition Hardware: Use these hardware sets as a room divider/ partition to create eye-catching state-of-the-art accents in any space in your home. The durable stainless steel tracks add a bold look to any room, while wood/ solid, glass or other non-traditional doors (not included) add sophistication. Able to slide quietly and easily along the smooth tracks, the sets help save space in the room as the doors don't swing out into the room.

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