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S&P Duct Fan Roof Cap Vent for Flat or Pitched Roof

S&P 4" - 10" Galvanized Steel Duct Fan Roof Cap Vent with Damper Flap Closure
S&P 4" - 10" Galvanized Steel Duct Fan Roof Cap Vent with Damper Flap Closure
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These roof vent caps by S&P are made for 4",6",8" and 10" ducting and can be mounted on a flat or pitched roof. These roof caps are made from galvanized steel and have a damper flap closure to allow air to be discharged efficiently. These roof caps ship via UPS.
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Good Design but Poorly Constructed
by: jack     from: Miami, Fl      on: October 26, 2017
 If you look closely at the picture you can see that the gooseneck and the flashing are two separate pieces held together with very flimsy spot welds, of which two had come apart. In other words, no matter how many nails/screws you put in the flashing one good wind and the gooseneck could pull off the flashing and leave a hole in your roof. It's unbelievable to me that they would build this thing like that. Also, for the sake of information, the front edge apparently is intentionally designed with a 1/4" gap to act as a weep hole for any water to drain out if it were to get past the flap. This is not intended to be used on a flat roof IMO.

excellent fit
by: David Nelson     from: Vineland, NJ      on: October 10, 2014
 worked as designed !!

Great Product
by: Chris Morgan     from: Springfield, Pa      on: July 12, 2013
 This is a great product! We had to add a screen for animals to not enter but that was no big deal

Very Good Quality
by: LDR Building     from: East Lyme, CT      on: September 11, 2012
 Good Product, Quick Service, Great Company to work with

well made product
by: Harold     from: Nakina, NC      on: September 23, 2010
 need to add bird screen to this unit to make it better...

It does its job
by: C     from: Oyster Bay, NY      on: September 23, 2010
 I wish that the weather flap, inside the cap fit the opening just a bit more, as I feel when the cold weather comes, it will have a down-draft. It also doesn't have any weather stripping around the flap. We added it. It also wasn't the least expensive one. We ordered it because it would arrive to us the fastest, w/o extra delivery and shipping charges.

by: Steve     from: Sebastopol, C      on: September 23, 2009

by: James     from: -, -      on: July 10, 2009
 great item easy to install

Good Product
by: Daniel Leonard     from: Kernersville, NC      on: June 25, 2009
 well constructed, damper unobstructed, good value for money

Good product with a caveat
by: Randy S     from: Los Angeles, CA      on: May 26, 2009
 Product is as advertised. Purchased and installed 4. I added a bird screen with 1/4" metal mesh over the outlet which is the only improvement I felt it needed.

Your questions that we answered:
It looks like there is an opening at the bottom front of the vent from the picture, is that the case and if so how high is it? it looks to be about 1/2 inch and the width vent coming up from the flat piece. Can someone please verify before I order it? Thank you for your help.   - Asked about product SL-RC-10
 No, the black line (in pic) at the base of the collar is not an opening, the damper is inside vent.
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Hello, looking to get this for my range hood ventilation. Putting on a flat roof what happens if snow builds up higher than vent? Thanks in advance   - Asked about product SL-RC-6
 Should the snow cover the cap the exhausting of the air will be greatly reduced, when the fan comes on eventually the hotter air will melt the snow build up in the proximity of the discharge. If the roof is pitched, often times the snow will accumulate less beneath the RC cap and the air will flow properly. The steeper the pitch the snow will accumulate less.
This image Click here is a submittal for the RC roof caps, the “C” dimension is the distance from the roof surface to the outlet which is 4’’.
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what are the dimensions of the flange and do you have a detail drawing with all the dimension   - Asked about product SL-RC-4
 The outside dimension of the base or flange on the RC-4 is 12 x 12”.
The “collar” is 4” in diameter and 3” long. A Detailed drawing can be found here: Click here
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Will these roof caps work with a ERV?   - Asked about product SL-RC-6
 Yes, they will.
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I have a blower pushing 1200 cfm through 10" round. short run with 2 45 degree turns. how many cfm will this hood exhaust at .8 static pressure? Thanks   - Asked about product SL-RC-10
 The Roof Cap is capable of exhausting over 1200 cfm.

At 1200 cfm, the Roof Cap will add approximately .1” of static pressure to the system. Because the cap is a static device, the amount of air that is exhausted through it is 100% dependent on the power of the fan that is pushing the air and the flow can only be determined by reading the performance curve of the fan at .9” static pressure.

The good news is that .1” of static pressure is the worst scenario because as the air flow is decreased, the pressure also decreases.
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