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Surface Mount Installation Instructions

  • Determine where on the wall you want your cabinet.
  • On the wall, draw a level horizontal line at the height you want the top back portion of the cabinet.
  • Take the long thin aluminum strip, with the holes on the bottom. Line it up above the line you drew on the wall. Secure with screw (not supplied) that will work best with the material for your application. Make sure the strip is well secured.
  • Place the two (2) SURFACE MOUNT HOOKS (the two with NO HOLES) and insert into the back slot in the middle on the TOP of the cabinet. Slide one to each side (left and right).
  • Take the two (2) SURFACE MOUNT HOOKS (the two WITH holes) and repeat step #4 but on the bottom of the cabinet.
  • With your four (4) SURFACE MOUNT HOOKS placed to the extreme:
             Top Left/top Right
             Bottom left/Bottom Right
    Pick up the cabinet and hook the two top SURFACE MOUNT HOOKS into the thin aluminum strip you have already mounted into the wall. Again, make sure your hooks are to the extreme left and right, and secure.
  • Once the cabinet is positioned properly, secure the two (2) bottom SURFACE MOUNT HOOKS in the wall with screws (not supplied). Make sure each hook is to the extreme left and right and properly secured.
    (1 pc) Thin aluminum strip with multiple holes
    (2 pcs) Top surface mount hooks (no holes)
    (2 pcs) Bottom surface mount hooks (with holes)

    Note: If you are mounting the mirrored sides, peel off double-sided tape. Align the wood strip to the back of cabinet making sure front is flushed, and press firmly.
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