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Vigo All-In-One Matte Stone Double Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Set with Multiple Faucet Options, Strainer and Soap Dispenser, 33" or 36" Wide

Black Faucet, Lifestyle View
VG15464 Side View
Stainless Steel Sink Set, Side
VG15465 Side View
VIG-VG15802 Side View
VG15802 Side View
VIG-VG15803 Side View
VG15803 Side View
VIG-VG15804 Side View
VG15804 Side View
VIG-VG15805 Side View
VG15805 Side View
VIG-VG15806 Side View
VG15806 Side View
VIG-VG15807 Side View
VG15807 Side View
VIG-VG15808 Side View
VG15808 Side View
VIG-VG15809 Side View
VG15809 Side View
VIG-VG15810 Side View
VG15810 Side View
VIG-VG15811 Side View
VG15811 Side View
VG15770 Front View
VG15770 Front View
Black Faucet &Sink Set, Lifestyle Application
VG15464 Overhead View
SS Sink Set, Lifestyle Application
VG15465 Overhead View
VIG-VG15802 Overhead View
VG15802 Overhead View
VIG-VG15803 Overhead View
VG15803 Overhead View
VIG-VG15804 Overhead View
VG15804 Overhead View
VIG-VG15805 Overhead View
VG15805 Overhead View
VIG-VG15806 Overhead View
VG15806 Overhead View
VIG-VG15807 Overhead View
VG15807 Overhead View
VIG-VG15808 Overhead View
VG15808 Overhead View
VIG-VG15809 Overhead View
VG15809 Overhead View
VIG-VG15810 Overhead View
VG15810 Overhead View
VIG-VG15811 Overhead View
VG15811 Overhead View
VG15770 Side View
VG15770 Side View
Black Faucet Sink Set, White Background
VG15464 Product View
SS Sink Set, White Background
VG15465 Product View
VIG-VG15802 Product View
VG15802 Product View
VIG-VG15803 Product View
VG15803 Product View
VIG-VG15804 Product View
VG15804 Product View
VIG-VG15805 Product View
VG15805 Product View
VIG-VG15806 Product View
VG15806 Product View
VIG-VG15807 Product View
VG15807 Product View
VIG-VG15808 Product View
VG15808 Product View
VIG-VG15809 Product View
VG15809 Product View
VIG-VG15810 Product View
VG15810 Product View
VIG-VG15811 Product View
VG15811 Product View
VG15770 Overhead View
VG15770 Overhead View
Fluted Front
Fluted Front
Smooth Front
Smooth Front
Design Features
VG15464 Design Features
Faucet Features
VG15464 Faucet Features
Hose Features
VG15464 Hose Features
Materials Info
VG15464 Materials Info
Matte Stone Info
VG15464 Matte Stone Info
Nozzle Features
VG15464 Nozzle Features
Sink Finish & Info
VG15464 Sink Finish & Info
Strainer Information
VG15464 Strainer Information
Faucet Features
VG15465 Faucet Features
Hose Features
VG15465 Hose Features
VG15770 Product View
VG15770 Product View
VIG-VG15802 Set Contents
VG15802 Set Contents
VIG-VG15803 Set Contents
VG15803 Set Contents
VIG-VG15804 Set Contents
VG15804 Set Contents
VIG-VG15805 Set Contents
VG15805 Set Contents
VIG-VG15806 Set Contents
VG15806 Set Contents
VIG-VG15807 Set Contents
VG15807 Set Contents
VIG-VG15808 Set Contents
VG15808 Set Contents
VIG-VG15809 Set Contents
VG15809 Set Contents
VIG-VG15810 Set Contents
VG15810 Set Contents
VIG-VG15811 Set Contents
VG15811 Set Contents
Edison Faucet Specifications
Edison Faucet Specifications
VG15770 Faucet Specifications
VG15770 Faucet Specifications
33" Sink Specifications
VG15464 Sink Specifications
36" Sink Specifications
VG15471 Sink Specifications
VIG-VG15806 Specifications
VG15806 Specifications
VIG-VG15807 Specifications
VG15807 Specifications
VIG-VG15808 Specifications
VG15808 Specifications
VIG-VG15809 Specifications
VG15809 Specifications
VIG-VG15810 Specifications
VG15810 Specifications
VIG-VG15811 Specifications
VG15811 Specifications
Warranty Info
Set Includes: Single Bowl Sink, Strainer, Faucet and Soap Dispenser

$884.90 - $964.90
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(W = side to side) (D = front to back) (H = top to bottom)

Sink Dimensions
33" Option
Exterior Dimensions:
33" W x 18" D x 9-5/8" H
Interior Dimensions (Each Bowl): 15-7/16" W x 16-5/8" D x 8-3/8" H
Required Interior Cabinet Space: 33" W
Rear Standard 3-1/2" Drain Openings

36" Option
Exterior Dimensions:
36" W x 18" D x 9-5/8" H
Interior Dimensions (Each Bowl): 16-7/8" W x 16-5/8" D x 8-3/8" H
Required Interior Cabinet Space: 36" W
Rear Standard 3-1/2" Drain Openings

Faucet Dimensions
Faucet ModelFaucet HeightSpout ReachSet SizesFinishes
Avondale13-7/8"8-1/2"33"Stainless Steel
Aylesbury16"9"36"Stainless Steel
Dresden28"8-5/8"36"Stainless Steel
Edison18-1/2"9-1/2"33", 36"Matte Black, Stainless Steel
Gramercy17"7-7/8"33", 36"Matte Black
Greenwich18"9-1/4"33", 36"Matte Black, Stainless Steel
Laurelton22-3/8"9-3/8"33", 36"Stainless Steel
Livingston23-1/2"9-3/8"33", 36"Chrome, Matte Black
Nowood22"9-5/8"33"Stainless Steel
Oakhurst18-1/4"6-1/8"33"Stainless Steel
Zurich27-1/4"10-1/8"33"Stainless Steel

Accessory Dimensions
4-1/2" Diameter x 3-5/8" D
Fits Standard 3-1/2" - 4" Diameter Opening

33" Soap Dispenser Spout Reach: 3-1/2" D
Fits 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" Diameter Opening
36" Soap Dispenser Spout Reach: 3-5/8" D
Fits 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" Diameter Opening
Vigo's matte stone 33" 36" wide white double-bowl farmhouse kitchen sink set with multiple faucet options is an instant and easy update to your kitchen, with classic lines reinvented for modern use. The matte stone farmhouse sink utilizes a non-porous solid construction that resists stains, while the 50/50 double-bowl design with full height separator allows you the convenience of multi-tasking in the kitchen. The sink is reversible; so choose a flat apron front, or the grooved front. Switch after a couple of years for an easy an instant update. The kitchen is the focal point of any well designed home--don't skimp on yours with this classic sink and it's contemporary faucet. Let Vigo help you to achieve that kitchen of your dreams.
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