Hillsdale Furniture Truck Shipping Includes Inside Delivery!
(To a Residential Address)

About Hillsdale Furniture Inside Delivery:
This great service is usually an additional $60 - $80 depending on the trucking company, but with Hillsdale Furniture , its standard! What inside delivery means is the trucking company will bring the item inside the nearest door in the back, front, or to the garage of your home. However, this service does not include delivering items up flights of stairs inside the home. Hillsdale Furniture is constantly improving on their quality of products, it was only a matter of time before they improved on their shipping as well. Finally, great quality items delivered to your home with no strenuous lugging of large, heavy boxes from the curbside. It's all done for you at no extra charge!

Remember to inspect your items:
As with any delivery, be careful to inspect your package upon arrival, and before you sign for it.  If you are unable to do so, sign as "Un-inspected";  Otherwise, we might not be able to assist you with any possible claims for a return.