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LED Lighting

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How to choose the right Cabinet Lighting for your Home. Lighting Buying Guide
The LED technology incorporates different power systems. A system is decided on by choosing the transformer/driver or a particular light. The choice of system is an important decision, because the transformer/driver that is selected can only be combined with lights from the same system.
 12v lighting  Range of Choices in the 12V System:
These LED lights are voltage-controlled & connected in parallel in the 12V system. The plugs on the transformer can be freely allocated.
 24v lighting  Powerful 24V System:
Technically speaking, the 24V system is identical to the 12V system, but has a considerably higher power level. 24V lights can therefore be used when extremely bright lights are required.
 350mA lighting  Spotlights in the 350mA System:
The LED lights in the 350mA system are current-controlled and connected in series. This means that each plug has to be either occupied or bypassed. 350mA lights provide extremely high light power and are particularly suitable for spotlighting.
 battery lighting  Battery Operated Lights with Sensor:
Batteries make the lights independent of the mains supply and freely positionable. Perfect for illuminating drawers and storage spaces, the lights include an integrated sensor.
 110V lighting  Line Power - No Transformer Needed:
These light systems plug directly into the power source and are perfect for under cabinets or above desks. Easily installed, the systems provide an excellent light source.
LED Lighting
LED lights are highly energy efficient and last for 35,000 to 50,000 hours or up to 17 years under normal use. The LEDs emit very little heat and achieve full brightness in under a microsecond. Able to be dimmed very easily, LEDs can be useful in areas where light can vary. Designed to focus light, LEDs can be used to replace incandescent or fluorescent lamps. A variety of LED lights are available, ranging from under cabinet applications to floor lighting to task and accent lighting. They also come in various systems; including 12 volt, 24 volt, 350mA and battery lights.

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