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Mounting Instructions

Estate Mirrors with Gear Tilt Mounting Brackets

1) With your desired wood frame mirror face down, determine your center point to the left and right side you want your gear tilt brackets to be

2) Line up this mark with the center hole of the decorative tilt bracket (there are 3 holes)

3) Holding the bracket flush to the side of your mirror, take 3 of the small wood screws and mount through the bracket and into the back of the wood frame. make sure the bracket is flush and secure to the frame.

4) Repeat step #3 on the other side.

5) With the back of the decorative bracket face up (the circle with the silver mounting clip), measure from left bracket to right bracket (center hole to center hole). Transfer that measurement to your wall at you desired location.

6) Loosen the setscrew (with small Allen wrench) on the decorative bracket to remove the silver mounting clip. Do not take the screw completely out. Repeat on the other side.

7) Line up the center hole of the silver mounting clip with the marks on the wall.

8) With the center hole lined up with your mark, secure the mounting clip flush to the wall with the two (2) screws into the slots (top and bottom). Use the wall anchors if necessary.

9) Repeat step #8 on the other side.

10) Pick up mirror with decorative brackets, place over the mounting clips on the wall and tighten the setscrew with small Allen wrench. Make sure the decorative brackets are flush to the wall. Repeat for the other side.

Make sure brackets are properly secure to the wall and mirror before using.

Parts List:

  Small Screws (6)
  Screws (4)
  Wall Anchors (4)
  Small Allen Wrench (1)
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