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One of Aquatica Bath’s biggest strengths is the tapestry of skills and backgrounds that their industrial design team draws from when they go to create a bathtub. They pick the best construction techniques and designs from all over Europe, and apply them to Aquatica’s high end luxury tubs. Only the finest materials and components are sourced for the bathtubs; every piece is hand selected for its longevity, durability, sustainability, and environmental impact. By melding modern design with space age construction, Aquatica has fused functionality with sheer elegance. Every tub is hand assembled—no mass production shortcuts—and is inspected to ensure it arrives at your door in pristine condition. These meticulous inspections include a full water test for every tub, and a hand inspection of all of the fittings to eliminate any potential leaks.

Aquatica’s research and development department is constantly pushing the standards of excellence and innovation in bathroom products. What this means for you, is that every tub was designed for maximum pleasure and relaxation, no matter how small the detail. With features like variable color LED chromatherapy displays, massaging jets, and optional headrests, each of their spacious tubs will allow you to reach peak comfort as you luxuriate in body-renewing waters. Their range of finishes and styles can easily enhance any design plan, so you can pick a tub that fits your specific needs. Your personal bathroom is a sanctuary: so go ahead and indulge yourself with a world class bathtub from Aquatica, because you deserve it.

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